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Welcome Dance Friends!

I grew up in the dance studio industry and spent 20+ years of my adult life handling numerous manegerial aspects of my mother's dance studios at two locations with over 400 students. When she finally decided to retire, I walked away from studio life, too - kinda! I now work directly with dance studio owners to meet the specific branding and fundraising needs of their businesses. I offer my clients confidential wholesale pricing and a wealth of industry experience to increase sales and revenue.

I offer the highest quality merchandise, the newest trends, and stable suppliers. I will provide you with informational flyers, order forms, display pieces, and sizing samples to start your sale. I also offer complete collection and processing of the orders. You set your own markups/ profit margins and receive excellent brand recogntion. My business is growing every day, and while "sparkle" will always be my passion, I will soon be able to offer traditional screen printing and embroidery, too. 2016 will also bring you my "tricks of the trade" stories I have amassed over the years. Making you happy makes me happy. Try Sparkling Sportswear, LLC - you'll be glad you did!


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